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Plot points!
GMs should reward when players do something that feels in character (more so if remaining in character costs the group something or interferes with their goals), when you make us laugh, or when you are just generally dashing or awesome. I hugely enjoy decisions that favor characterization over rules, so if I put a giant radioactive alligator between you and the door you need to enter and you ignore it, climb up to the roof, and drop a refrigerator on it, we are all going to be swimming in plot points.
You can use plot points to:

  • add +2 to a d20 roll if spent beforehand, or +1 after the roll

  • attempt a trained-­only skill check that you have no ranks in

  • soak 1d8+1 damage
  • establish some small benefit or opportunity for the character, like a rug your adversary happens to be standing on that you now have the opportunity to tug. 

Here is our rolling list of session/story ideas. Take from this as you please:
twin halfling rogues
cool base
cool ship
explain gems
find septa stone
find Lucas
cure Roger
investigate Apix
investigate cult
investigate emissaries
pirates in the Shackles


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