Episode 3

Return to Absalom

The four principals emerged from their hiding places inside a bunch of rugs, having shipped themselves from the mainland to avoid being killed by the Snake Head Gang. The immediately found themselves in a tussle with a weird cult, who they beat up pretty bad. Val cut one of their arms off.

One cultist escaped the Blackjacks, only to get creamed by Belo, a huge Blackjack enforcer that Val immediately developed a crush on. The Prodigal Blackjacks learned that they were back in The Puddles, and that Caleb had really done a lot of good work with the gang.

He’s in a close informal partnership with Ma Casino, who has also done very well at taking over almost all the whoring and gambling in The Puddles and is starting to shoulder her way in on the smuggling, too. She’s been hiring muscle from Caleb, who’s been using the money and reputation boost to grow the Blackjacks in the principals’ absence! They more or less run the puddles now, and are cleaning the place up.

Anyway, it turned out that the cultists had stolen a summoning focusing crystal, which is basically a tool that slightly amplifies summoning magic. Like training wheels for new summoners. Nobody knows why they took it, but it’s back in the Arcanimirium’s hands, now, at least.

Belo, who thought the Blackjacks were expanding dangerously fast and would bring other gangs together to take them down, murdered the Sherrif while trying to take Caleb out. But Val killed him! No more Belo.

Good guys win, the end!



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