.Val Casino

the oldest and strongest, a superstitious know-it-all


Val thinks everyone likes her and starts every conversation assuming as much. She’s never rude to people above her station, just overly familiar and trusting. She has, objectively, the worst taste in men. She always gets with idiots who are manipulating or lying to her, or dudes she thinks are strong, silent types but turn out to just be stupid. You have all learned to keep an eye on anyone she is interested in. Magic scares her but she won’t admit it, pretending she thinks there’s something suspicious about it when really she’s just nervous she’ll get shocked or something.

She’s a know-it-all when it comes to her brother and will ignore good ideas from the group if she thinks he had something to do with it. She likes thinking of herself as the oldest and wisest, even though she clearly is not. She is careful with human lives, and killing Belo will haunt her, but she does have a temper, and frustration in battle can lead to rage can lead to accidentally cutting off people’s arms. Once she’s hit her limit, she’s dangerous.


.Val Casino

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